Sunday, October 2, 2011


Seems like September was a month of changes.  Procedures that I was used to suddenly did about-faces without warning.  Of course, Facebook was the big one.  And I’m still frustrated with the fact that it was working just fine as we all know, now it doesn’t work as fine, but all those “tech wizards” think it does.  Why didn’t they ask first? 
And then I discovered that eBay took it upon themselves to add a line under the title of my auctions letting potential buyers know that I don’t accept returns.  In 12 years of selling fun and wonderful items on eBay I have never had an item returned but the option was always there.  But, I never had to give a bidder a black or white choice.  Again, eBay did not ask if this was a good idea or not.
Then, I got a computer generated notice from my credit union asking if I still needed my Line of Credit availability.  So off I go to the credit union to find out what is happening with this.  Since I have all of my accounts here, one would assume that the Line of Credit account is okay.  Turns out they don’t do these  anymore and “I don’t need it .”   Well, it took a long time and a lot of hard money managing to achieve this piece of financial safety and did they bother to ask?  No, they just decided to do it.  I have asked them to please leave it in place and if I have to pay for it then to please inform me first.  One can hope.
There is far too much of this decision making being taken out of our control.  I am an intelligent adult and appreciate being asked first before changes happen.  Even if I am in the minority, it is still a sign of respect and honor to be asked. 

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